HorsePower Programs

Welcome to our program offerings!

Our programs are set up in five 8-week sessions.Riders’ eligibility is determined by a HorsePower assessment and a doctor’s permission form. All forms (see the Client Forms page on this website) need to be filled out prior to the assessment. All participants must have a physician’s signature prior to riding. Additionally, those participants seeing a physical and/or occupational therapist must have their forms completed by the appropriate professional(s). Forms are completed annually, though some may be less often with physician’s consent. Please note that there are some conditions that may be a contraindication for riding.  This may not mean a rider cannot ride, but it does mean that the individual with this condition must be assessed thoroughly.

Cost for an 8-week Session is $720 for Hippotherapy, $480 for Therapeutic Riding, and $320 for Ground Work.  Lessons are held once a week for the entire 8-week session. HorsePower’s scholarship fund is based on financial need of all applicants in the pool, and may offer assistance to those riders who may not otherwise participate due to financial need. If a scholarship is needed, please be sure to fill out that form, along with the rest of the required forms listed on the “Forms” page to be considered for the fund.

We offer 3 programs as outlined below:

Tammy #1.jpgHippotherapy – Licensed Occupational or Physical Therapists use the various rhythms and propulsions of the therapy horses’ natural three-dimensional movement to enhance therapy or rehabilitation goals for clients.  Clients can be stimulated with a variety of riding positions, far beyond the traditional forward facing sitting position of standard horsemanship.  Sessions are a one-on-one Therapist-to-Client ratio, with at least two or more additional volunteers and/or staff to aid the therapist.Theraputic Riding .jpg

Therapeutic Riding – Therapy goals are established by staff for each riding client.  Lessons are designed to achieve these therapy goals while clients experience personal growth exercising skills riding a horse—usually with leaders and sidewalkers.  Goals may include physical, emotional, or cognitive progression.  Each of these targeted needs demonstrate growth during the sessions as clients bond with their horses.

Kylee Ground Work.JPGGround Work – Although physical limitations may keep some clients from riding, they still can participate at HorsePower.  The act of grooming and bonding with a horse can provide physical, emotional and cognitive stimulation.  These clients are supervised and led through activities by staff and volunteers.


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