Try-A-Ride & Educational Clinics


HorsePower Try-A-Ride Flyer

In 2017, HorsePower invites you to try a ride! Try-A-Ride will offer a new option for individuals who are new to HorsePower or already participating. Either way, this experience will be fun and engaging. It offers the best of previous years’ day camp programs to participants – the part with the horses! Volunteers will help our participants with equine activities, including grooming, tacking, and riding.

Each session is approximately 2 hours and will feature an orientation to meet with staff and volunteers and learn about the program and horses, a ground work session, and a riding session. Participants will be grouped according to skill and participation to ensure the highest quality experience. New participants to HorsePower can try out the options and decide if therapeutic riding or ground work is best for them. Current participants will be challenged with additional interactive learning and games. There is something for everyone!

Details: Try-A-Ride will be held twice in 2017! May 30-June 2, and August 14-18. Cost is $65 per participant (parents or caregivers need to remain at the barn during the Try-A-Ride lessons). Regular paperwork (found under the Client Forms tab) needs to be filled out for these session, with the exception of the payment contract. Payment is due upon registration. Registration is due by May 10th for the first week and August 1st for the second week! Come for one or try them both!

Try-A-Ride Educational Clinics:

Parents, staff, and caregivers – we haven’t forgotten about you! There’s a Try-A-Ride for you, too. These 2-hour educational clinics are for caregivers, agency staff, &/or healthcare professionals. During the Clinic, they will tour the facility, learn about our programs, and experience, first-hand, what a lesson involves by interacting with the horses like their loved ones and clients will. In so doing, attendees will better understand what we do and why we do it. This will allow caregivers and agency staff to make more educated recommendations to the individuals they serve, and help medical professionals make informed referrals, regarding our therapeutic activities, helping to identify those whom might benefit most from our programs. We want to make sure that all those who serve this special population in our community are aware of and understand the services we provide.

Details: Special caregiver Try-A-Ride sessions will be given July 12-13. Cost for these informative clinics is just $65 per person. Call for larger group rates. Call today to reserve your spot! 605-251-1685

Thank you for your support of HorsePower and our programs!

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  1. Gloria Ostraander

    I have a sister at Palisade nursing home who suffered several strokes during a heart biopsy in March. She is slowly progressing. I will be visiting her Memorial Day weekend and wondering if she would be able to try theraputic riding that sunday.

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