Welcome to HorsePower!

Mission Statement: HorsePower provides equestrian programs/therapies for individuals with physical, emotional, and/or cognitive challenges in a quest for personal independence, accomplishment, self-pride, and well-being.

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Neighworthy Notes (that’s horse speak for check it out!):

  • Volunteer training – February 4th from 5-6:30 pm at the barn!

  • HorsePower is accepting donations of small square bales of quality grass hay. If you would like to gift the therapy horses with hay this upcoming holiday season, please contact our office.

  • Follow our tweeting pony on Twitter: hp_pony

  • Summer 2016 paperwork is due 3/28/16! Participants, please note: the tab, “Client Forms”, has all of the forms that our participants need to print and fill out to enroll in a HorsePower session.

HorsePower, formerly known as Handi-Riders, Inc., has served the Sioux Empire community since 1985 – that’s just over 30 years! We believe in the power of the horse that changes human lives.  HorsePower is a designed therapy, but the effect on our riders is pure magic.   The joy of our riders is totally contagious, and amazing things happen right before our eyes.  Rider’s stiff legs seem to melt into the warm sides of horses.  Cramped muscles relax and what is rigid becomes supple. Slumped postures morph into erect backbones, proudly showing off riding skills.  Children who have never spoken become verbal.  

HorsePower offers 3 traditional therapies. Please visit our Programs page for information on what program is right for you or your loved one. 

View KELOland story on HorsePower:  http://www.keloland.com/videoarchive/index.cfm?VideoFile=111006eyehorsetherapy

Sioux Empire United Way is proud to partner with many unique programs to meet the needs of the Sioux Empire. HorsePower is so honored to be a United Way Partner Agency! Thank you United Way for believing in us!

Some HorsePower History:

2010 was a milestone for the (then) Handi-Riders program in so many ways;  setting the stage for the 2011 expansion of the mission, and new name.  2010 was the 25th anniversary of opening our program to the Sioux Empire.  2010 was the year that we finally achieved our greatest dream – to heat and insulate our riding facility so we could expand our small summer program to a year-round fully functioning therapeutic riding facility, with scholarship funding available. 2010 was the year we truly OPENED NEW DOORS of opportunity.  Our most heartfelt thank you to all who made this possible.  Our long awaited goal has been due to the generosity of the people of the great Sioux Empire.  You are making a difference in lives, and we are so proud to be a part of this wonderful community of caring people. Handi-Riders Board of Directors and Staff carry on the dream of early founders, and especially the vision and leadership of a very special Hartford family who dedicated their lives to see this dream become reality.  It is impossible to count the hours of sacrifice of the family of Sally Griggs, including Beckie Joe Petterson, Mandy Jo Healy, and Kris Kalb.

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